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a selection of some of our past work and services.

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Short Films


Dr. Scott marder

This short “About Me” video serves as the introduction on Dr. Marder’s website. It was shot using a documentary-style approach: it was crafted from a one-hour interview shoot and b-roll shot specifically for this project.

Clips from the interview were arranged into a narrative script by John Woodruff and edited into a piece that represents Dr. Marder’s practice while painting an intimate portrait of his life and his journey as a psychiatrist.


asheville community yoga

This “State of the Studio” video combines a narrative history of the non-profit yoga studio and an outline of their future fundraising goals. It was created using a written presentation by ACY director Michael Greenfield, archive photos, and b-roll shot specifically for this video.

This video was designed to show the progress the studio has made since its inception, as well as provide a transparent look at its finances and goals.


Rebuild globally

This piece is part of a three-part series (watch parts two and three here and here) and tells the personal journey of REBUILD globally founder Julie Colombino. The short film combines over three hours of interview footage shot for this project with photos and video picked from years of archive footage.

This series was the main content piece for the 2017 fundraising season and specifically crafted to create an intimate connection between donors and the organization, providing an inspiring look at REBUILD’s history and an educational approach to its many programs and initiatives.


Social Media Video


The artist project

This is an ongoing series meant to spotlight various artists, musicians, and writers in the Asheville area. Videos are produced for upcoming artists that want to share the driving creative force behind their work.

Pieces in this project are made using interviews, b roll, and original music composed to fit the tone of each artist’s work.


60-Second stories

These even-shorter films are built with social media in mind: they have a maximum length of 60 seconds to fit within Instagram’s time limits. These bite-size pieces tell a concise story through video, written scripts, interviews, and music.

These 60-second stories are perfect for businesses that want to highlight a specific event or initiative: new programs, expansions, fundraisers, etc. These videos present an affordable opportunity to connect with your audience and get your point across in a concise, meaningful way.


highlight reels

Does an image tell the whole story? Perfect. These highlight reels can be anything from a 60-second social media spot to a much longer overview of an event or showcase of a particular product/space.

These pieces are comprised of dynamic b-roll set to music tailored to the tone of the product or event. Optional text graphics and captions can be added to point out specific details customers will want to know about.


Wedding Videos


telling a memorable story

Weddings are a beautiful celebration of two people coming together. Wedding videos should capture that feeling.


Perfect for sharing

It’s great to have a long-form video that includes the ceremony, all of those great speeches at the reception, and everything in between. However, it’s hard to share that all on social media.

We create a highlight reel that showcases the best moments in a format meant for Instagram.


wedding photography

We offer full-service wedding packages, including photo and video.

To see more of our photo work, click below to visit our wedding photo and video services page.